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You Can Easily Block an Email in RoadRunner by Using Those Steps

Time Warner Cable is an America based company for the tv and internet cable service provider. With these two services, it also provides a secure and safe email service known as Roadrunner when you go under the contract with them.

With the Roadrunner account, they provided a master email account and an extra five other accounts. When you order a service, the admin account is created, and other five accounts are created and maintained by the Roadrunner Self Care system and with the help of first Roadrunner email Account.

And by shifting a few things in the admin account, the sub-user email addresses can be easily be created and deleted in admin account.

You have to call Time Warner’s Road Runner customer service to deleting or change setting in the master or main user email address and talk to the customer care representative.

RoadRunner is a secure and safe email provider that offers their service for free and gives excellent privacy settings for its clients to change within their email. It allows the email user to block emails from particular email addresses. Once you Block the respective email address, you will not receive emails from those recipients in your RoadRunner inbox.

But some users have informed that they face problem in blocking an email from the receiver in their Roadrunner account. The blocking process is straightforward and simple, and you have just to follow some steps and click on a few things to block an email address from your Roadrunner email account. To know about the steps, read the article and find the way to block an email in RoadRunner.

Step By Step Guide To Block An Email In Roadrunner Account

Step 1:

  • First, go to the official website of the Time Warner Cable RoadRunner and head towards Mail option from the toolbar menu.

Step 2:

  • In the respected field, enter your email address and password, choose your preferred language and click on login the tab to access the inbox of your email account.

Step 3:

  • Now click on the Settings tab and scroll down. Find the Customize Mailbox Options and from their go to the Allow and Block Messages Options tab.

Step 4:

  • Now to enable the RoadRunner Email block option by click on the circle flagged next to the Advanced Block Senders.

Step 5:

  • Now enter the domain name or email address from which you don’t want to receive emails in future.

Step 6:

  • Next, scroll down to the same page and find the option of Blocked Mail Actions. Under this go to the Delete Mail From Blocked Senders and click on the circle next to it.

Step 7:

  • Next, click on ok and finish the process.


So it is all about the steps to block an Email in RoadRunner. Hopefully, you find it useful. Even after reading this guide, you have any query or questions then you can ask it using the comment box given below. Our experts will try our best to solve your problem. Thank you!

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