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WhatsApp Business Beta For iOS to Get This Android feature

After owning the WhatsApp by Facebook, they bring the short link feature for the WhatsApp business app users on iOS. This feature makes an easy way to link sharing for business and open an instant chat head to chat with customers. For Android users, this feature is already available. service last year launched the beta version of WhatsApp for Android 2.18.138. As per the report of WaBetaInfo who keep the track for all of the WhatsApp updates stated that this feature would be available for those iPhone users who have the beta version of WhatsApp Business app on their iOS device.

With this feature, the user can access a new segment in Business settings to configure a default message. This message includes a personal link that one can share with their customers.

In the last year, in the January this WhatsApp Business app was launched as an independent app, and within a year it reached to the mark of over five million enterprises who use this app to stay connected with customers globally.

It is ideal for the small and medium Businesses as with this app they can connect with the customers to find the problems of customers, or pass on some information like business description, store addresses, e-mail, and website.

Even the WaBetaInfo also reported that in the beta version WhatsApp also includes the feature like “Frequently Forwarded” and “Forwarding Info” for android. It let the user find how many time they have forwarded the same message.

So it is available for those who are sending the message not the one who receives as the user can go to only those messages info which he/she has sent. At present, the user can forward the same message to a maximum of five recipients in India, so let’s see what comes new in the upcoming updates. Thank you!

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