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How to Sign Up for AARP Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Service

Steps to Sign Up for AARP Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Service

AARP or the American Association of Retired Persons and Consumer Cellular teamed up together and provided the cell phone service at a discounted rate for the qualified members. With the 100% satisfaction guarantee, this programme is free of any contract. Under this programme if you buy a phone and if you don’t like it, then you can return it within the 45 minutes of service usage or first 45 days (whichever is first) and get a full refund. I think 45 days/minutes is sufficient and enough to decide whether the AARP Consumer Cellular plan is the right for you or not.

So if you are looking for a trustworthy carrier that provides good coverage and customer supports based on the United States then Consumer Cellular is an option worth to consider. It is obvious that one can just walk into a shop and ask for help in the same way as they can do for the big carrier. But you can get the cellphone support to sort out the issue.

With Consumer Cellular, choose the latest cellphone or bring by yourself. So it is an affordable choice, and you have an option in case you love the latest device or if you are a tech person.

Even the shoppers also look for the affordable cellular features and plans can expect big in terms of carrier and support from the AARP Consumer Cellular. So the question is how to sign up for AARP Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Service, and the answer is here.

Step 1

To join AARP, you have to fulfill some criteria. You must be reached to the milestone of 50, and with this, you are a member of AARP to participate in the Consumer Cellular discount program. To join and get more information, go to the link given below:

Step 2

Now, review the coverage area map. What I want to say is before you sign up to the AARP Consumer Cellular plan, check that the coverage is available or not in your area from the coverage area map. However the coverage is there in almost all parts of the United States, yet there are some areas like Alaska and portions of Nevada where the service of AARP is still not available.

Step 3

Next, go through the plans and pick the discounted plan that fit as per your phone usage and budget. The plans are starting from $10 to $ 60 for the “Anywhere Casual” plan and the “Anywhere 2000” plan respectively. The cost is based on the selected plan and the number of minutes included.

Step 4

Next, choose a suitable cell phone. The price range for phones is free to $40. It provides the Motorola W259 flip phone and the Samsung A177. They also offer the senior citizen friendly phone that is easier for those who have to see and hear the problem with a large button and good speakers.

Step 5

Even they also provide text messaging. Yes, teens are not the text messaging persons, but adults still enjoy the conversation in text. So Consumer Cellular also offers optional texting packages that include 100 to 2000 messages/month with the price range $2.38 to $19 as per the package selected.

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