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How to Delete Multiple Messages in AOL Mail

Guide To Delete Multiple Messages Together In AOL Mail

AOL is a popular, well known and highly used email application. It is a web-based email application that helps the users to customize email data with great flexibility. It is a free app and compatible with all the web browser. The reason behind the AOL appreciation is its large storage space and ability to store large data files in it.

With the great storage space, it also protects all your emails and inbox from viruses, online attacks, and spam emails. On the other hand, due to some issues that prevent users from performing any task and feature even after being such a reliable and secure application. One of such problems is with deleting all emails at once in AOL Mail account. So if you are all looking for a solution then here is the answer.

Step To Step Guide To Delete Multiple Messages Together In AOL Mail

On the internet, AOL Mail is one of the promising emails. When there are many emails are in your inbox, you want to delete multiple emails at the same time as it saved your time and done in a few clicks.

AOL mail let the user delete the multiple non-consecutive and consecutive email altogether. By this way, you can easily get rid of all unwanted or unnecessary email and keep your account clean and clutter-free, and the steps are here to do it.

Step 1

  • From your keyboard press Ctrl key and hold it.

Step 2

  • Next click on all email if you want to remove all non-consecutive emails.

Step 3

  • Press the shift key from your keyboard and click the first email if you want to delete consecutive emails.

Step 4

  • Again press Shift and click the last email. So it will select all the emails between first and last email.

Step 5

  • As soon as you finish the step number 4, next click on the “Delete” button and then click “OK” to confirm your selection.

Step 6

  • If you want to delete multiple emails from “Saved on My PC” or “Saved on AOL” folder, then you can do it by following the same steps given above.

Step 7

  • To delete the multiple emails from the Recently Deleted folder, go to the “Mail” menu and then go to Recently Deleted Mail and click on it.

Step 8

  • From your keyboard, press and hold “Ctrl” key and choose all the emails that you want to delete in case of non-consecutive emails.

Step 9

  • Press and hold the shift key from your keyboard and click the first email you want to delete. Follow the same procedure with the shift key but this time go to the last mail that you want to delete. So it will close all the email between your first and last email that you have selected.

Step 10

  • Next, click on the “Permanently Delete” tab from the screen. All done!


With this, we end our article on how to delete AOL emails together. Hopefully, you like it. Thank you for reading!

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