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Follow This Steps To Get Directions From One Place to Another

Most of the time we travel to the location that is known for us, but when we go to some new place, then it is challenging to get clear cut direction to travel one place to another place especially when you don’t have a proper source of information. There are multiple ways to get a proper traveling route with a high percentage of accuracy. You can use Solid maps or direction from the other person, but all these ways are old. Thanks to the latest technology as we have some best ways to get proper direction like Mapquest, Google Maps or Yahoo Local Maps. To get turn by turn direction, you can buy a GPS device or find the website of destination as most of the time they include location information as well. As I already said that you could also try the traditional method, but I think it is a little tedious task.

Ways To Get Directions From One Place to Another

Cyclist checking on a map
  • Method 1

The advancement of technology helps us to make our life easier and getting direction is not an exception. The online map makes the task of reaching the destination easiest at all time. And the steps are here are steps to get the direction.

Step 1:

Open your Web browser and in the search bar type or click on the following link for finding the airport, driving direction or talking map programmes:

Step 2:

Next, add the destination, and it will help you to find your way by providing routes, distance and total time to complete the journey. It also offers the web browser toolbar, and you can download and install on your pc, and you can easily plan your trip. It also provides mobile app as most of the users are switching to the desktop to mobile.

  • Method 2

Woman checking the gps map

Another way is Yahoo Local Maps or Google maps. It works the same as Mapquest, but with the notification and bells are less.

Step 1:

Open your Yahoo local maps or google maps and in the search bar enter your destination.

Step 2:

It will show you the mode of traveling, pick the one and it will show you the time to reach the destination, total distance with proper direction.

Step 3:

Click on start and start the journey.

  • Method 3

If you are going for any business purpose then to know the address, go to the business’ website to find the proper way.

Go to “Contact Us” or “About Us” page and most probably it shows you the direction.

Even if there is only address, then you can find the way from Mapquest, Yahoo Local Maps, Google maps or another map program.

  • Method 4

The last one is the traditional way to find out the direction. Call someone to find the location. Business is given direction to reach the location form the reception area.

Talking to a person who is friendly to the route and direction is beneficial as they know the traffic problems, construction detours and other obstacles of the route.


So these are the methods to get the proper direction to reach the destination whether it is a business meeting or tour or party. Hopefully, you like it. Thank you!

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