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Apple iOS 12.2 is out with All new features

iOS 12.2 is here, and today we are here with some of the newest features of Apple’s iOS 12.2. It was started beta testing on 4th Jan. 2019. So have a look at what’s new in iOS 12.2.

All The New Features Of Apple’s iOS 12.2

  1. Apple News+ Subscription Service

Apple’s new news+ subscription service cost $9.99/month where you can access all digital magazine from 300+ sources like The Atlantic, Food & Wine, Condé Nast Traveler, ELLE, ESPN The Magazine, Health, InStyle, New York Magazine, Travel + Leisure, man’s Day and many more. You can also access online newspapers as well.

  1. New Animoji

The new version comes up with new animated AR emoji characters, which include shark, giraffe, owl, and boar.

  1. Air Quality in Apple Maps

With iOS 12.2, you can see the air quality index on the apple maps. The set of numbers and colors show how polluted or clean the air of the city or town you lived or visit.

  1. Toggle Off Weather Forecasts

Before the update, you can see the weather forecast and current updates, but with the new updates, you can toggle off the weather updates in case if you find it not useful or annoying.

  1. Siri Support for the New AirPods

New AirPods of apple can now operate with Hey Siri option. Yes, the second generation AirPods support Siri hands-free on it. Do not worry as the first generation AirPods are also supportable with all new devices.

  1. Use Siri to Play Videos on Apple TV

Now Siri can ask your iPhone to play a video, movie, sports game or any channel on the Apple TV. Like Hey, Siri plays Hero of Enrique Iglesias.

  1. Inline Music Playback with Siri

Now you can skip the tracks without opening the control center or notification center widget or music with the now playing widget.

  1. Organized Device Details

This one is a little welcome feature that is located inside the general and titled as About. Here you can find the device name, software version, model number, model name, and serial number. Even storage information, limited warranty/ AppleCare+ has a separate section

  1. Customizable Downtime

Now you can choose downtime for specific das and specific hours for each day instead of a specific amount of time each day. Even you can turn it on someday whereas turning it off for someday if you want.

  1. Temp Toggle App Limits On or Off

If you have set the app limits on your device or child’s device then whenever you open that app, you can see app limit option at the top and you can toggled on or off temporarily whenever you want.

  1. Safari Prevents your Data

A new safari setting known as Motion & Orientation Access is by default toggled off.  Previously web apps had access to accelerometer and gyroscope sensor data, but they used it for analytics, audience recognition, and data tracking. So the new version comes up with motion data blocking.

  1. Searching & Safari with Arrows

In the safari, you can see blur arrows that suggest the searches under the search bar. If you tap on the arrow, then it will fill the search bar with a suggestion. But it will not take to the result directly. It also narrows the choice of search.

  1. Unsecured Websites Warning

Safari will notify you if the site is not secure and uses Http instead of Https. User can see the not secure warning in the address bar.

  1. The exit of ‘Do Not Track’ Option

Do Not Track was a security blanket for Safari, but even with it, some websites and ads can acknowledge your request not to be tracked when browsing. And in the end, Apple is ready to quit the Do not track by saying that it does not matter.

  1. AutoFill Signs in Safari

Now, after choosing the autofill option for credentials for any website, it will log in to your account without tapping on entering or log in. Before you have to press log in tab even after the autofill credential.

  1. More Editorial Highlights in Music Browse

In the new Music, you can see a tab full with trending and new albums, songs, playlist, and artists and it is completely different from the older one as it shows only highlight at the top of the browser.

  1. Updated Wallet

Apple updated the interface of its wallet in 12.2. When you look for any particular card, other cards are hidden at the bottom.  You have to press the “Done” tab to pick the one card. You can also swipe down to the cards to find all the passes and cards. The ellipsis tab also located on the top instead of the bottom.

  1. Pay Cash for Bank transfer

Using your visa debit card, you can transfer money to your bank instantly. Even you can see your last transaction and in some case all the transaction of the previous year.

  1. Color Picker Keyboard

The color-based keyboard has more benefits than the normal one. Using an HTML5 color picker tool, you can access this keyboard. For that input type=”color” element. And simple colors appear in hexadecimal format. It looks like the color picker to notes app or markup tool in mail or photos.

  1. A new icon and new look of the Apple TV Remote

Now apple tv remote can work with other TV sets and instead of apple tv image, it has an image of remote control. It appears in the center of control tile and another area of iOS such as in the video, the lock screen, Now Playing screen in Siri, etc. And the apple tv remote can expand to access the menu, AirPlay content, play/pause, rewind, fast-forward, use Siri, and use the touchpad.

  1. New Screen Mirroring Icon

The new screen mirroring icon shows two display instead of the old confusing triangle pointing to a screen which is more accurately visualize what screen mirroring is.

  1. New AirPlay Icon for Video

The old screen mirroring icon is a new icon for the AirPlay. The old icon was a triangle tower with circular airwaves being emitted, and it is the same for the audio on AirPlay.

  1. Lock Screen Has More Video Controls

From the lock screen, you can tap to select or deselect the airplay 2 speakers and from the Apple TV remote icon, captions button, and some volume up and down buttons on the screen for better control which previously you do through side buttons.

  1. AirPlay Groups Items by Content Type Now

If you have multiple AirPlay devices on your iPhone then now you can group it by content type and make it faster to find out the device you want to play.

  1. Perform Multiple Task While AirPlaying Video

You can use your device to browse apps, play short audio, and video on your iPhone while AirPlaying video without any disruption.

  1. New Home Screen Icon

For the news, the new home screen icon is different, and the “N” has added curves to the inside portion of the letter and a white border.

New Improvements:

  • It supports RTT, i.e., real-time text for the phone call made through iPhone on iPod touch and iPad.
  • In the message, the audio quality of audio recording improves.
  • The stability and performance of apple tv remote improve on iOS.
  • Fixes the issue of notification related to missed calls that are not appearing in Notification Center.
  • Solve the error related to badge notification even if there is no action needed.
  • Addresses an issue of the storage size of large app which shows incorrect data.
  • Fixes a bug that plays Voice Memos to automatically as playback recordings when you connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth device.
  • Fixes a problem that could cause Voice Memos to prevent renaming a recording temporarily.


So all these are new features of iOS 12.2. So what do you think about all these new features? Share your thought with us using the comment box.

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